Find here the most recent FAQs for the WCH Budapest 23!


How can I get a ticket as a guest in a wheelchair?

Our guests in wheelchairs can request a wheelchair ticket free of charge. Registration is required, for details of how to register, please contact our official ticketing partner at It is important to note that a wheelchair ticket is only available as a session ticket, and require that the wheelchair user is accompanied by an attendant while inside in the stadiom. The accompanying person must purchase the cheapest regular price ticket when applying for the wheelchair ticket.

Can I purchase a ticket for only a part of the session?

No tickets are available for the full morning or evening session. Each session will be jammed packed full of action. You will not want to miss it.

Is the ticket for a named person? Can the ticket be transferred to someone else?

The TicketDirect (print@home) tickets bears the name of the person who bought it. This ticket is transferrable before first use.

Can I buy a ticket as a gift?

Yes! Tickets are not personalised and are freely transferable before first use.

Can I buy discounted tickets online?

Information about ticket prices, ticket price categories, available individual and group discounts can be found on the website

Does the ticket price include other services, such as a parking space or the consumption of food to a certain extent?

The ticket - unless specifically indicated at the time of purchase and displayed on the ticket - entitles the ticket holder to attend the event only and does not include any other services.

Will there be a separate ticketing fee?

The price of the ticket purchased on the official World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 ticket sales website includes everything, there are no hidden or additional costs.

How does ticket selection work and how do I know which tickets I have added to my basket?

If you select a ticket in the or spectator area, it will be added to your basket. By clicking on the "basket" icon in the top right corner, you can go to the basket interface to view its contents. The remaining basket time is indicated by a clock in the top right corner of the screen.

Can I reserve a ticket?

You cannot reserve a ticket. It is not possible to temporarily reserve tickets in the online purchase system. If tickets have not been paid for within 15 minutes of being selected, the system will automatically release the tickets and return them to the spectator area.

What is the print@home service?

The E-Ticket purchased through the Print@Home service is an electronic ticket in PDF format that can be printed at home with a simple inkjet or laser printer in A4 format or displayed on the screen of mobile devices. When buying tickets, you have the option to request tickets in Print@Home E-Ticket format, so once you have successfully paid for your tickets, the Print@Home icon will appear, by clicking on which you can download and print your own tickets in PDF format. You can access and print your previously purchased tickets at any time in your "User Account". It is therefore particularly important that you do not give anyone access to your purchased tickets. If several people try to enter the event with the same code, only the first person to arrive will be admitted.

What should I pay attention to if I want to print my ticket?

To use Print@Home tickets, the following technical conditions must be met: You must have Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later. The ticket must be printed in A4 size. The print quality setting cannot be "draft", do not use refilled cartridges. For tickets printed with an inkjet printer, blurring of the barcode must be avoided. Printing can be both color and black and white.

How secure is the Print@Home E-Ticket?

Exactly as secure as a normal ticket. Print@Home tickets are scanned individually in the access control system. This ticket also entitles one person to a single entry to the event venue. It is therefore particularly important that you keep your ticket or its contact details secure. The buyer of the ticket is responsible for ensuring that no copies of the ticket are made.

What should I do if I have lost my ticket, or I am afraid that unauthorized persons have accessed it and made a copy?

Contact us at After proper customer identification our staff will be able to provide you with a new ticket with a new barcode, so that the original lost ticket will be invalid and cannot be used by anyone else.

Do I have to print the ticket or is it enough to present it by phone?

Of course, it depends on the phone or mobile device, but a ticket can be presented on a smartphone or tablet screen that meets today's standards and general consumer requirements, so it is not necessary to print it.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Tickets entitle the holder to a single admission to the session indicated on it (in the case of a session ticket) or to all sessions indicated during the ticket's validity period (in the case of a package ). This means that a ticket can be used to enter the event once, and once entered, the ticket will lose its right of entry - after leaving the event, you cannot re-enter with the ticket. However, the ticket can be transferred before the first entry before the given session.

Where is my seat?

Tickets are valid for one place. When you buy your ticket, you can choose the exact seat you wish to buy your ticket for (Seat reservation based on seating order), or you can leave this choice to the ticket vending machine (Seat reservation based on ticket price). The selected place will be indicated on the ticket, and you will be able to occupy this seat during the event if you are in the spectator area.

How many tickets can I buy at once?

You can buy a maximum of ten (10) tickets in one purchase transaction. There is no additional limit on the number of purchase transactions.

I want to buy tickets as an organizer for a group of more than ten people, where should I contact?

Our ticketing partner has a dedicated customer service for group ticket buyers. You can register your group ticket purchase request by filling in the contact form at After filling in the form, you will be contacted by our ticketing partner to clarify the details of your request.


Can I buy a package?

Information about ticket prices, ticket price categories, available individual and group discounts can be found on the website

I bought a package, will this be in the same seat/section for each session?

Yes, if you buy a package, your ticket is valid for the same place for the whole duration of the package.


Why and how should I register?

You must register to buy tickets at You will need to provide your name and email address. We will then send you a confirmation email confirming your registration and this email address will be the main channel of communication between you as the ticket holder and the event organiser. Please follow the steps indicated in the e-mail. By completing your user account you can also speed up the process of any future purchases. By entering your personal details and delivery details, this information can be automatically pulled in for future orders, so you do not need to enter it separately for each order.

You can log in to your user account by clicking on the man icon in the top right corner of the page - in the blue header - next to the language selector (HU/EN).

How do I know my personal data and settings?

You can change your personal information such as your email address, name, access secret code, shipping address, etc. as you wish To make changes, log in to your account and select "Your address", "Change password", "Change email address". Please note that you will need to reactivate your account after a few changes. In this case, we will send you an e-mail to the mailing address you provided and please follow the instructions in the email. You can log in to your user account by clicking on the man icon in the top right corner of the page - in the blue header - next to the language selector (HU/EN).

What happens if I have forgotten my password?

If you have already registered but do not remember your password, you can generate a new password for your account. Just click on the "My Account" menu and enter your email address in the pop-up window. Select the 'Returning Customer' option and select 'Forgot Password?' link. You will then be sent a generated password to log in to your account. Please note that in order to receive your new password, you must enter the same e-mail address that you used when registering.

What can I do if the website does not work as intended?

Although we make every effort to ensure that the ticketing website is available at all times, minor service interruptions, whether planned or unexpected, may occur. If you have experienced such a service outage and you are convinced that the error occurred on the website, please report it via the e-mail address

What should I do if I cannot open the seating map?

The ticketing site is designed to work well on as many computers and mobile devices as possible, on a wide variety of operating systems and browsers. If certain services do not work properly, please make sure that both your operating system and browser have the latest updates, or try opening the website in a different browser.

What data is stored about me?

We will only store relevant data about you and your purchase that are necessary to fulfill your order or in connection with your participation in the event. These include: your name, residential address and contact details, such as email address and phone number. You should also be aware that we store and preserve the history of your purchases as well as your purchases. However, we do not store the data of your bank card used for payment: once the order has been completed, we only store 4 numbers from your credit card. We do not sell, disclose, or share the personal data of our visitors and customers! If you would like to know more about the management and use of your personal data, please read our data protection policy.


Which bank cards are suitable for payment?

You can use VISA/MasterCard debit and credit cards issued by any bank to buy tickets. There are no additional costs for paying by bank card.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. Once you have placed your order, the information you provide is sent to a secure server, which is protected with a Security Lock (SSL). Your credit card information is sent securely to a payment processing center for authorization or for verification. Only the first 4 numbers of your credit card are stored/recorded. This way we keep your credit card information confidential, but this way we can track the payment if there is a problem.

I would like to buy tickets, but I do not have a bank card suitable for transactions.

In this case, you canpay in advance by bank transfer or cash on delivery on our official ticketing partner’s website, and if you do not want to buy online, you can also buy tickets for cash from members of the national ticket office network. For details of the alternative payment and ticket purchase methods available, visit

Can I pay with the Széchényi Pihenő Card when shopping online?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for online purchases, however, there are ticket offices that accept Széchényi Pihenő Kártya when purchasing in person. For the list of official ticket offices, please visit

What should I do if the transaction is interrupted?

If the purchase transaction is interrupted for any reason and the purchase price has not yet been paid, there is nothing more tod o – after the shopping cart expires. the interrupted transaction is cancelled and no payment is due. The purchase can be restarted without any further action. If the transaction is interrupted after payment, please notify us at

What happens after I place the order?

Once you have placed your order on the website, you will receive a confirmation letter about your order to the email address you provided during the purchase, which will include the details of your order, such as the purchase ID associated with the order, receipt and payment information, and the total amount of the purchase. Please contact our staff at if you do not receive an email confirming your order, or if you have any problems with your order.

How can I request an invoice?

As a result of a successful purchase transaction, the ticketing system automatically, immediately, but within 24 hours at the latest, issues a purchase receipt and invoice in accordance with current Hungarian legislation. The invoice will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address used at the time of purchase. If you do not receive the invoice or if you wish to make any changes to the invoice information, please let us know at


What are the rules and regulations for the event?

The Event Guidelines can be found here.

How long before the start do I have to arrive at the venue?

Gates will open 2 hours prior to the first event of the day.
Be prepared that the entry to the event will take some time. The Event Organiser will keep ticket holders informed about the information related to the participation in the event and the arrival there. Please follow this information closely!

What can i bring in to the event venue?

The entry regulations are governed by the event's house rules. However, attendees are allowed to bring with them only a quantity of cold food to meet their personal needs, and non-alcoholic beverages, either in unsealed plastic bottles with a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters or in plastic flasks with a maximum capacity of 0.7 liters.

Can I bring a camera to the event?

The use of a professional camera with detachable lens during the event requires prior accreditation. However, photography with an amateur camera and phone is allowed.

As a smoker, what should I expect in the stadium area?

The event is strictly non-smoking, and this applies to both the outdoor and indoor areas, as well as to traditional, vaporizing, heating technologies and e-cigarettes. Smoking will not be allowed in the event area, there is absolutely no smoking or vaping of any substances in or around the event. Smoking and vaping only allowed in designated smoking areas outside the building (stadium).

I have further questions, how can I reach the organisers?

If you have any questions about the event or the tickets you intend to purchase, please write to

Is there parking at the event?

As the event venue is easily accessible by public transport (see: What is the best way to travel to the event?) and to ensure sustainability, there will be no dedicated car parking space.

What is the best way to travel to the event?

The National Athletics Centre is most easily reached by tram 1, 2 (stop Közvágóhíd), Suburban railway H7 (stop – Müpa – Nemzeti Színház) and public boat service (stop MÜPA – Nemzeti Színház).